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 This bl0g iz the place where I share my Th0ughtz™ on B00kZ I read, MovieZ I watched, GameZ, ArT, Musik, AnimaTionZ, FolkL0re and all the vari0us thingZ that interest me.

 For me, writing artikles iz also a way to kreate : I love to find special connexi0ns between à priori different w0rldZ.

 I've been online since the early 2000s and I've seen & experienced so many fascinating thingZ that I want to talk about.

 It seemZ like I can't stop to research and collect thingZ like some Pokédex™ childh00d occupational hazard, so this bl0g is a way for me to organiZe my Th0ughtZ™ and share my discoverieZ wiTh you.

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Viktor's Th0ughtZ Artikles
CS 1.6, 13373|247(_)|23 (part.1)

   When I was approximately 12 or 13yrz 0ld, a friend of mine introduced me to Counter-Strike 1.6. It was probably around 2004/05. It certainlY was the beginning of a biZaRRe and Xcit1ng j0urneY... LetZ geT 0n b0arD, shaLL we?

Loading... [MeM0ri3Z_CS_1.6.zip]

 Counter-Strike is a multiplayer 1st-person shooter created by Minh Le and Jess Cliffe in 1999. You originally had to buy Half-Life to obtain the game because CS (abbrv.) began as an Half-Life mod. Modding is the process of alteration by playerZ or fans of one or more aspectZ of a vide0 game, such as how it lookZ or behave. So Minh Le, who was then a student in computing science, started to play with Quake's software development kit to make his very first mod. He befriended Jess Cliff while working on the Action Quake 2 mod and after started to work on Counter-Strike as a mod for Half-Life. His modding involves a lot of programming combined with 3D modelling & animation, sound & map design, game mechaniX knowledge, etc. The first beta version of the game was released in 1999, and it quickly became a big sensation. A community formed around the game and provided critical observaTionZ, bug-fixing issues, map designZ (etc.) for the next beta versions.

de_aztek (CS 1.6), this map always reminded me of ⇩

Tomb Raider III, the Jungle map

 I played CS 1.6 after sch00L with a small group of classmates. I was never really that good but I enjoyed playing it nonetheless because it was a very immersive eXperience. From its beginning in 2000 to 2008 it was one, if not the biggest, gaming community in the world. It basically was more than a game because you had to know all these stuff just to make it run and do matches online with others without having the centralized connectivity we got now. In a way, I think the youtube gaming era and the current popularity of eSports may have benefited from certain thingZ that CS communities helped pioneered or advanced. I'll develop more in a part II, and next time I'll write ab0ut CS teamZ, LANz and my old fav0rite CS 1.6 vidZ! See ya!

My PantZ journeY

Vik's CorduroY PantZ moiré

   Yesterday, just as I emerged from my steaming manh0le, the sun immediately came to keep me company. I decided to enj0y the moment, so I sat on a large bench who was 10 meters long. I took a photo of my corduroy pantZ because of its wonderful fading. Itz a bit pattes d'eph (bell-boTTomZ) shape.

 These pantZ then br0ught me s0mewh3re where I found this layered pandan cake: itz as g00d as it iz beautiful, and the texture is uniQue. I shared it with a l0ved one.

Layer Pandan Cake

And then I've seen this incredible portrait by the brazilian artist Antônio Rosena De Lima. It was a g00d daY! let me go back to my seWer...bye

S D (1985) Antônio Rosena De Lima

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